viernes, marzo 21, 2003

Desemplovando pensamientos


I used to be alone
I was disappointed of love
I’ve been hurt twice
And I didn’t want to cry.

Not again,
I get tired of pain
In autumn live my heart
I really needed help...

wait and wait
And my ilusions go away,
When I turned around
In winter lived my heart.

I change the focus of my mind
Trying to stop the pain,
In ice my feelings hire
I stop looking for fire.

Suddenly u appear
And put your eyes in me,
Your propose surprise my mind
I didn’t want to be hurt again.
Now I know the man you are
Your are just a wonderful one.

Now spring is in the air
Love is growing everywhere
I don’t use to say it,
But I love u and I need
To be close and hold u tight
To show you my love all day, al night...

I know someday you and me
Will be together, you’ll see.
Then I’ll live in summer
And I’ll never stop to be your lover.

I’ll wait patient that day
To give u love my way,
Always take care of you
And u love me the way u do.

With love.. Aris

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